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Registration for EDM: Water Treatment Plant Tour 2019 is Closed

"What would our lives be like without water?"

Imagine you were to wake up tomorrow morning, and you reach to turn on the water but nothing comes out - there's no water! How would you brush your teeth, or flush the toilet? How would you cook your porridge, or have a morning coffee? Now, think outside of your home. How would firefighters fight fires? How would surgeons and doctors clean the tools they need to help Edmontonians?

Water is essential to life, and it is our job to ensure that water is clean and safe before we send it through thousands of kilometers of pipe to reach all of Edmonton's homes, fire hydrants and hospitals. This tour will give your students an opportunity to learn how we treat water though a fun science experiment where everyone has an opportunity to build their own water filter, and treat a sample of dirty water. Students will also be taken on a short walking tour of the water treatment plant to see the treatment process in action, and on a much larger scale.

WHERE: E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant, 3900 EL Smith Road, Edmonton
WHEN: Wednesday, September 25
TIME: 10:30am-11:45am
WHO: CFL Students Gr.4-8
COST: Student = Complimentary
Parent/ Guardian = Complimentary
Sibling (best suited for attendees ages 9+) = Complimentary

This activity will meet some of the learning outcomes of Science, specifically Grade 5 curriculum.

This event is suitable for students grades 4-12.
Risks: The general risks possible at all school events are listed in the Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent below. Mitigating factors for each risk are stated as well. If you have questions or concerns please contact the Program Enhancement Coordinator hosting the event.

Supervision: Supervision ratios will be in accordance with School Board policy, Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools and venue requirements. For specific details on the supervision ratios please see the Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent below. This information is also provided in the monthly Events Newsletters.

Registration Timeline: Registration for CFL Siblings will commence 1 month following the date the event opens. Registration for CFL Siblings will open on September 9.
Event is Closed, the date is changing will re-open once the new date is confirmed

If you have questions, please contact kbeaudette@redeemer.ab.ca

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