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Registration for CAL: GRANARY ROAD, FALL 2021 is Closed

Grade 1-3 Program: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Bat Cave Hang Out & Chicken Coop

Grade 4-6 Program 11:30 AM- 12:30 AM
Wetland Discovery and Aquaponics

Families are encouraged to pack a picnic lunch, and explore the park as a family after the formal tour. Stay as long as you wish, park closes at 5 PM. Students may not stay in the park after educational program without parent supervision. Extra tickets can be purchased at the facility if needed.

Where: Granary Road, 226066 112 Street W, Foothills No. 31, AB T1S 5S5
When: Friday, September 17
Who: Best suited for students grade 1-6
Cost: Student = $13
Parent/Guardian = $10

Event is subject to change based on AHS, CTR and Venue Guidelines at the time of the event.

Curricular Link: This activity will meet some of the learning outcomes of Science

Risks: The general risks possible at all school events are listed in the Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent below. Mitigating factors for each risk are stated as well. If you have questions or concerns please contact the Program Enhancement Coordinator hosting the event.

Supervision: Supervision ratios will be in accordance with CTR School Board policy, School Physical Activity, Health & Education Resource for Safety, and venue requirements. Links may be found in the Program Enhancement Information section of the Events Newsletters.

Sibling participation will be limited specific events based on availability. Sibling registration opens September 13, 2021. A parent must be present and responsible for any registered siblings for the duration of the event.
Event is Closed

If you have questions, please contact calevents@redeemer.ab.ca

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