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Registration for CAL: Learn to Skate Fall 2021 is Closed

Learn to Skate Program

Description: The Centre for Learning@HOME is offering a Learn to Skate program meant for participants with little or no skating experience and who are currently registered with The Centre for Learning@HOME.

Skill development will focus on basic skating skills. A wide variety of ages and skill levels have shown interest in this program.

Required Equipment includes the following: Hockey Skates(no figure skates), CSA Approved Hockey Helmet(cage recommended) and gloves(hockey gloves not required).

Additional recommended protective equipment: Elbow pads and shin pads, these items are not "required" but do help to minimize sore elbows or knees when falling on the ice.

Coaching Staff
Mr. Kanters
Mr. Chartrand
Mr. Gelinas

The coaching staff have a variety of playing and coaching experiences spanning more than 20 years.

Where: Trico Centre, 11150 Bonaventure Dr SE, Calgary
When: Wednesday's October 13 - March 30 (excluding Christmas break, Feb 21 for Family week)
Time: 2:30pm- 3:15pm
Who: Grade 1 - 12 (must have foundational skating skills)
Cost: $55/ student

Curricular Link: This activity will meet some of the learning outcomes of Physical Education

Risks: The general risks possible at all school events are listed in the Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent below. Mitigating factors for each risk are stated as well. If you have questions or concerns please contact the Program Enhancement Coordinator hosting the event.

Supervision: Supervision ratios will be in accordance with CTR School Board policy, School Physical Activity, Health & Education Resource for Safety, and venue requirements. Links may be found in the Program Enhancement Information section of the Events Newsletters.

Sibling participation Sibling registration is unavailable for this event
Event is Closed

If you have questions, please contact cflhssports@redeemer.ab.ca

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