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What was it like during the Cretaceous 73 million years ago? What dinosaurs and plants lived here? How did hundreds of dinosaurs die in one spot?

What was it like here 73 million years ago during the Cretaceous? What dinosaurs and plants lived here? How did hundreds of dinosaurs die in one spot? Discover some answers and some theories to these questions during this dinosaur bonebed tour. This tour of a dinosaur bonebed takes place at Pipestone Creek Park, located 19 west of Grande Prairie and then 19 kilometers south of the Town of Wembley. Students experience an unforgettable field trip on this two and half kilometer hike (round trip). They examine real fossils, learn the different types of dinosaurs found in northern Alberta and what force exposed the rocks we find dinosaurs in. Students use clues they learn throughout the hike to piece together theories of how hundreds of dinosaurs may have died in one spot.

WHERE: Pipestone Creek Park
WHEN: Tuesday June 6, 2023
TIME 1:00pm - 3:30pm
WHO: CFL Students Grades 1-12
COST: = $7

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Event is Closed

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